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Also known as "Little Tibet of India" Ladakh is truly the paradise of trekkers but not only ... this region will fascinate you in many ways !

With a breathtaking wild beauty, with its grandiose landscapes of high mountains, its vast arid areas that contrast with beautiful oases of greenery, the Ladakh offers a total wonder to the traveler in search of calm and serenity.

In this deeply Buddhist region and Tibetan culture come to discover these magnificent whitewashed monasteries, called "gompa", literally perched or hanging on mountainside, which often shelter works of art of rare beauty.

Let yourself be intoxicated by these vertiginous summits, these unusual landscapes with brilliant colors and come to meet this authentic people with exceptional reception, or of these nomadic tribes to the ancestral lifestyle, goat, sheep or Yaks that will make you share their local specialties.

Come and experience this unique and unforgettable experience !

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10 Days & 9 Nights
India : Ladakh tour

  • Ways : Delhi,Leh,Delhi
  • Starting Point: Delhi
  • Ending Point: Delhi
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